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The Avdec™ family of laminates

The design of a specific Avdec™ laminate is dependent on the response frequencies to be damped, the operating temperature and environment, and the structure of the component.

Arvinyl offers Avdec™ laminate developed for three different temperature ranges:

  • L-35 and L-40A for operating temperature ranging from 50°F to 150°F
  • L-34 for operating temperatures ranging from 140°F to 225°F *
  • L-31 for operating temperatures ranging from 175°F to 275°F *
Avdec™ laminates can be designed and developed for additional temperature ranges to meet the needs of specific applications. After product evaluation, the proper Avdec™ film is specified for the given noise and vibration damping application.


Environmental noise reduction is a very important issue in today's world. Arvinyl offers Avdec™ damping material as a versatile new solution to noise pollution. Avdec™ damping material is composed of a layer of visco-elastic material sandwiched between two layers of metal. It converts vibrational energy into heat

energy by shear deformation of the visco-elastic layer, resulting in a significant reduction in sound and vibration levels.

Vibration-damping properties are usually stated as a loss factor . This loss factor is the ratio of energy dissipated per cycle to the total energy of the vibration. It is stated by a formula:

In the formula, E is total energy of the vibration and the is energy dissipated per cycle. The higher the loss factor, or value of , the greater the vibration-damping effect.

    *Certain minimum requirements may apply.

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