Customer Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions


  • A division of one of our largest customers was looking for a supplier to take over a new program that required a very high volume of multiple parts to be turned around within a very short time frame and shipped to multiple locations.
  • These high gloss parts are very appearance sensitive and this customer has very high quality standards and a very low tolerance on part rejection rates.
  • The challenges that plagued this new program were not only the short lead times but the managing of supply and quality of product while trying not to get fined along the way.


  • Arvinyl created a system that allowed us to turn this program into a high performing and efficiently run operation.
  • We developed a just in time system that allowed lead times to be as minimal as 7 days.
  • We hired a lead coordinator to closely manage the ever changing supply and demand  for 200+ parts through the EDI system, giving us visibility to anticipate and plan for changes to come.
  • We carefully inspected parts at 2 separate operations to substantially reduce the chance of shipping any questionable parts.


  • Customer gained uncompromised quality, performance and responsiveness at all times.
  • Customer successfully received various groups of parts to multiple locations on a weekly basis, problem free.
  • Customer was able to make last minute changes to quantities and part #’s without hassle.
  • The program has had less than 1% rejection rates throughout the entire program, making us a top tier supplier for this customer.