Customer Solutions

Quality Solutions


  • In order to receive a cheaper price, a customer was asked to buy more than a 2 year supply of product and warehouse it at their facility, creating a cash flow and storage space problem.
  • In addition, the product was inconsistent in its visual appearance, creating weekly rejections that cost them a substantial amount of time and money.


  • Arvinyl ordered and warehoused custom film to have on hand when they needed it.
  • We ran the film on our low temperature lamination line, giving our customer a consistent and quality product.
  • We worked with our customer to coordinate quarterly production runs and create a just in time shipping program.
  • We warehoused their material, freeing up floor space to generate more sales and profits.


  • Customer gained uncompromised quality and performance at a reasonable price
  • They have not had a single rejection in over 2 years.