Customer Solutions

Green Solutions


  • A customer requested a green product material to be laminated onto wood for a architectural designed ceiling.
  • He was very concerned about the weight and handling of this product at installation and asked if we could help find a light weight recyclable  alternative that would achieve the same look without losing any LEED credits.
  • He wanted to be able to gain the most LEED credits he could for this project.


  •  Arvinyl laminated a custom green film on recycled aluminum sheets from local suppliers and formed them into the desired beams the customer wanted, achieving the green product the customer wanted.


  • Customer was able to make and sell more architectural panels with the free time they gained by having Arvinyl make the panels, resulting in revenue.
  • Customer received a superior product with more LEED credits then originally expected.
  • They saved time and money with the lightweight easy to install panels created by Arvinyl.