Customer Solutions

Innovative Solutions


  • A company who provided non decorative ABS products approached us and wanted to add a decorative line of products without having to purchase a truckload of material with the same finish.
  • Company needed this material to successfully thermo form, bend, cut and allow it to print to.


  • Arvinyl’s R&D team brainstormed and successfully laminated different films to ABS. Not only did they look great but they performed better than the customer needed, creating a new product line for this company.
  • Arvinyl went a step further and laminated various films, non-traditional materials and textures to ABS for additional testing. All tests provided successful results, giving our customer a plethora of options to provide their customers.


  • Created a new line of products for our customer, resulting in their overall company enthusiasm.
  • Increased their sales and profits from new products while re-energizing their sales force.
  • Helped them create a new customer base which allowed them to increase sales in non Arvinyl related products as well.