Customer Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions


  • A customer relocated their manufacturing facility from the West Coast to the Mid-West and lost key employees in the process.
  • Both locations needed inventory to produce products during the transition, making it difficult to keep accurate track of inventory in either location.
  • Key shipments to their customers were falling behind, costing them money and time to resolve.
  • Customer also needed a coordinated go forward plan to minimize freight cost and lead time.


  • Using customer supplied forecasts, Arvinyl managed all raw materials, monitored inventory levels and maintained production efficiencies, implementing reorder points and sales vs inventory spreadsheets to use going forward.
  • Arvinyl began stocking some of their more commonly used raw materials and produced finished goods ahead of schedule to warehouse for just in time shipping.
  • Arvinyl coordinated appropriate packaging to both locations, managed shipping logistics and negotiated exceptional freight rates, even better than they were currently paying.


  • Eliminated inventory errors and missed shipments, resulting in profit.
  • Created floor space for our customer to stock other materials needed to support the move.
  • Helped reduce their stress and protect their reputation during the transition period of one facility to another.
  • Reduced shipping expenses and eliminated expedite fees without ever causing shortage or overage of materials at either facility, resulting in increased profits.