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Sound Damping/Avdec

Arvinyl has a revolutionary solution for excessive sound and vibration. Avdec is a quality sound damping material that is composed of a layer of visco-elastic film sandwiched between two layers of metal. This unique multi-layer construction ensures a versatile material with a superior bond that can be stamped, deepdrawn, formed, welded and fabricated with ease.

Whether you are looking for a decorative or functional finish, Avdec is a viable “pre-engineered” alternative to the costly, bulky; and heavy “post-engineered” add on noise suppressing materials available today.

So how does it work? Avdec converts vibration energy into heat energy by shear deformation of the visco-elastic layer, resulting in a significant reduction in sound & vibration levels. Sound and vibration damping has never been easier.

Let Arvinyl’s advantage in noise control be a sound solution for you. 

Currently providing sound damping panel solutions for:GSA_New_Vault

  • Medical Devices
  • Electronic Enclosures & Equipment
  • Prison and Architectural Doors and Furniture
  • Acoustical Ceiling and WallsAvdec
  • Engine Compartment Sound Wall
  • Railway & Automotive Side Panels and Floors
  • Oil pans, Rocker Covers and Motor Housings

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