Arvinyl Laminates & Rigidized® Metals Corporation = the Best of Both Worlds

Leading manufacturers of marine laminates & honeycomb panels, Arvinyl and Rigidized® Metals partner to create decorative and functional laminated honeycomb panels for the marine industry.

Arvinyl & Rigidized® Metals Projects

Here are some of Arvinyl and Rigidized® Metals’ projects together:

Staten Island Ferry
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Staten Island Ferry

Arvinyl’s decorative and functional marine laminates and Rigidized® Metals’ lightweight honeycomb panels are currently in production.

This project started in 2018 and is ongoing.

NYC ferry boat with NY skyline in background
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NYC Ferry

Arvinyl and Rigidized® Metals’ US Coast Guard certified laminated sheets and honeycomb panels were installed in NYC Ferry passenger vessels.

This project ran from 2016 – 2017.

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