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Versatile Custom Laminates For Medical, Architectural, Hospitality & Retail Industries


In the Architectural space, Arvinyl works with architects, designers and engineers to help them achieve their creative visions.

Because we know the right decorative film, wood veneer and high gloss finish can complement any project, Arvinyl’s in-house team imagines the possibilities and considers every aspect when creating our metal laminate sheets. We understand time and budget constraints, LEED credits, green points, and innovative options, too.

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Arvinyl’s decades of lamination expertise are in every ceiling and wall panel, facade and other surfaces we tailor make.

Arvinyl’s customers in the architectural industry include:

  • Amphitheaters
  • Banks
  • Bars & Lounges
  • Casinos
  • Educational Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

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Arvinyl offers a wide range of decorative laminates for the Healthcare industry, such as for modular medical casework and medical carts.

Arvinyl’s materials provide cleanable, durable and decorative finishes that include options such as antimicrobial, metallic, textures, solid colors, wood grains, patterns, and custom prints, all available on many bases, such as metal sheets, ABS, MDF, composite panels, and custom substrates.

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Arvinyl adds more flexibility to your projects with our ability to laminate the same material onto different surfaces. If plastic, metal and composite panels all need the same decorative finish, we can do that. By offering one cohesive look in-house, we provide a one stop shop for your creative designs.

Arvinyl’s laminates for the healthcare industry are in use in:

  • Accent walls & rails
  • Medical Casework
  • Cabinets & furniture
  • Carts & dispensers
  • Cleanrooms
  • Hospital headwalls
  • Portable toilets & sinks

Hospitality & Retail

Arvinyl works with designers and engineers to bring their hospitality and retail designs to life. Through our unequaled commitment to customers’ visions, we excel in creating high quality laminates to meet every goal.

Arvinyl understands that every project is different. To identify the best decorative surface for a project, we consider location, environmental concerns, decorative needs and substrate options. We offer a large choice of prints, textures, abstract patterns, metallics, wood grains, wood veneers, high gloss finishes and more in our Design Center. If something different is needed, we will source it.

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Along with unlimited decorative finishes, Arvinyl offers unlimited substrate options, too. Stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, ABS, MDF, composite panels, and custom materials, are all available.

As in the Architectural field, Arvinyl offers added flexibility in Hospitality and Retail markets by laminating the same material onto different surfaces. By offering one cohesive look in-house, we provide a one stop shop for creative designs.

Arvinyl’s laminates for the hospitality & retail industry are in use in:

  • Buffet systems, coffee carts & portable bars
  • Cabinets
  • Furniture
  • Kiosks
  • POP displays
  • Wine lockers

Original Equipment Manufacturer Enclosures

Arvinyl provides a wide range of lamination options for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) enclosures.

Arvinyl can marry its decorative and durable finishes to any OEM design, including many perforations, small drawls, and thin edges.

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Arvinyl’s processes cut the extra setup and production time needed in other finishing options, while also protecting sensitive equipment from electronic interference.

Arvinyl’s laminates for the OEM industry are in use in:

  • Power supplies
  • Computer casings
  • Web routers

Avdec – Arvinyl’s Sound Dampening Solution

Arvinyl has a solution for dampening the effects of excessive sound and vibrations in your projects: Avdec.

Avdec is a high-quality sound damping material that is composed of a layer of visco-elastic film between two layers of metal. This unique multi-layer construction ensures a versatile material with a superior bond. Avdec can be stamped, deep drawn, formed, welded and fabricated with ease to meet your toughest requirements.

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Avdec converts vibration energy into heat energy by shear deformation of the visco-elastic layer. The result is a significant reduction in sound & vibration levels.

Avdec is a “pre-engineered” improvement over costly and heavy “post-engineered” noise suppressing alternatives. Sound and vibration damping have never been easier.

Here are some of the many sound damping possibilities:

  • Acoustical ceiling and walls
  • Architectural doors
  • Automotive side panels
  • Cab and sleeper panels
  • Electronic enclosures & equipment
  • Engine compartment sound walls
  • Institutional doors & furniture
  • Medical devices
  • Oil pans, rocker covers & motor housings
  • Railway side panels & floors
  • Security doors

The Arvinyl Advantage

Premium quality products and extensive experience are some of the advantages to working with Arvinyl.

  • Reflective high gloss decorative finish options

  • Laminate to surfaces with perforations, small draws and thin edges

  • Laminate the same decorative finish to multiple substrates

  • Avdec sound damping material available

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

For more information on the advantages to working with us, contact us.

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