Leading Manufacturer of Decorative Marine Laminates

The marine industry can rely on Arvinyl’s sixty years of lamination experience.

Arvinyl applied this expertise when providing decorative laminates for the NYC Ferry system. For this project, we laminated our U.S. Coast Guard certified film, Severin Lauren, to premium aluminum sheets. Rigidized® Metals Corp. incorporated our decorative marine laminates into the creation of its U.S. Coast Guard certified honeycomb wall panels, which are now in use in NY Ferry boats.

NYC ferry boat with NY skyline in background
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NYC Ferry

Arvinyl’s laminates were installed in NYC Ferry passenger vessels and now sail throughout the NYC Ferry system.

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    Hornblower Cruises use Arvinyl Marine Laminates
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    Hornblower Cruises

    Arvinyl’s marine laminate, Severin Lauren, in use in Hornblower Cruises and Events passenger vessel.

    Marine Films

    Arvinyl’s marine decorative films, Arvex and Arwall, offer beauty and two dependable levels of durability.

    • ARWALL provides the durability of wallcoverings for everyday use. USCG approval number 164.112/87/0.

    • ARVEX offers high pressure-like surface durability for your toughest use. USCG approval numbers 164.112/91/0, 164.112/86/0.

    Use Arvinyl’s Arvex and Arwall films in your interior ceiling and wall panels, and moldings.

    Marine Moldings

    Arvinyl manufactures moldings for marine interiors which can be used as decorative trim for your projects.

    Arvinyl’s marine laminates at work:

    Marine Laminates Properties:

    Typical Properties
    Decorative Facings Solid Colors, Wood Grains and Printed Films
    Metal Type Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
    Length 72 in., 84 in., 96 in., ± 0.250 (special length by request)
    Width 36 in., 48 in. ± 0.250
    Weight 1.25 lb./ft2 - 2.5 lb./ft2
    Thickness Steel 16 – 22 gauge, Aluminum .032 - .125

    The Arvinyl Advantage

    Premium quality products and extensive experience are some of the advantages to working with Arvinyl.

    seating on ferry boat
    • Arvinyl’s marine laminates meet rigorous industry standards

    • US Coast Guard certified under USCG approval numbers, 164.112/91/0, 164.112/86/0 and 164.112/87/0

    • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc IMO A.653(16) and ISO 5659, and ISO 5659 and Annex

    • Arwall Cool White Stardust ceiling panels in stock for quick turnaround requests

    • Rigidized® Metals Honeycomb panels available

    • Worldwide shipping

    • ISO 9001:2015 certified

    For more information on the advantages of working with us, contact us.

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