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Our History

Arvinyl Laminates came from the innovations of Arvin Industries.

Arvin Industries, an Indiana based corporation, is largely known today for its automotive products. In the mid-20th century, it produced a wide variety of products for the automotive industry, as well as consumer goods, household products, military items, security systems, and more.

In 1955, Arvin Industries developed and patented a vinyl-metal laminate under the brand name, Arvinyl. Very quickly, Arvin expanded its ability beyond vinyl-to-metal laminates to include leather-to-metal sheets, as well as laminated vinyl-to-wood products. Within five years, Arvin Industries became the largest and most innovative custom lamination company in the United States.

Arvinyl was used in various metal and wood laminate product lines, such as tabletops, appliance cabinets, outdoor furniture, automotive parts, and portable radios. Its transistor radios, laminated in vinyl, plastic and leather to metal, were one of Arvin Industries many product lines that are still highly collectible.

Transistor radios laminated in Arvinyl, a new vinyl-to-metal laminate, were one of Arvin Industries many product lines.

Arvin transistor radio
Arvin transistor radio

Arvinyl Transistor Radio

Arvinyl transistor radio, Model 8584 covered in Arvinyl plastic over steel, 1958.

In 1991, the Arvin Industries company sold its custom lamination manufacturing unit. With this move to new ownership, the company was renamed to Arvinyl Metal Laminates, as a way to emphasize the heart of its business: Arvinyl laminates to metal sheets.

In 2011, the company was sold again and renamed Arvinyl Laminates, which continues to this day.

Arvin product tags

Arvinyl Product Tags

Photos of Arvinyl Metal Laminate product tags provided courtesy of preservingArvin.com.

Arvin product tags

Over the last six decades, Arvin Industries lamination expertise evolved into what is today Arvinyl Laminates. Through its many seasons, Arvinyl Laminates maintains its heritage of producing innovative and premium quality laminate products.

Our Mission

Arvinyl Laminates creates innovative, high-quality, decorative laminates for your needs.

Our Mission

Arvinyl Laminates creates innovative, high-quality, decorative laminates for your needs.

Our Values

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Continuous Improvement

Our Vision

Arvinyl Laminates aims to be the most innovative, customer-focused, custom lamination company in the world.

Our Vision

Arvinyl Laminates aims to be the most innovative, customer-focused lamination company in the world.

Our Affiliations

Arvinyl Laminates is a proud member of the following roofing trade organizations:

Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Arvinyl received the ISO 9001:2015 certification through Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., based on a review of Arvinyl’s quality management system.

The Registration is in respect to the following scope: Design and Manufacture of Metal, Plastic Laminated Products and Forest Products. You may view Arvinyl’s ISO certificate here.

United States Coast Guard Certified

Arvinyl Laminates meets United States Coast Guard certifications in accordance with USCG Approval Numbers, 164.112/91/0, 164.112/86/0 and 164.112/87/0. Arvinyl’s USCG Certifications can be viewed here.