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PVC and TPO Clad Metal Sheet Products

Arvinyl Laminates is one of the original laminators of single-ply PVC and TPO roofing membranes. We bring a wealth of experience to the clad metal products we make. And our commitment to manufacturing excellence makes us a trusted name in roofing – one you can depend on as the basis of your roofing business without hesitation.

Arvinyl’s single-ply roofing laminates are

  • Laminated end-to-end
  • Weldable to national single-ply roofing membranes
  • Made from steel that meets G90 & ASTM A653 specs
  • Available in multiple colors
  • In-stock for same-day service on standard colors
  • Warehoused in California & available nationwide
  • Competitively priced
  • Available in volume discounts

To read more about our exacting standards, visit our Quality page.

Arvinyl is known for our premium PVC and TPO metal sheets. We are pleased to now offer a new drip edge product.

Arvinyl Drip Edge is made with the same high-quality materials as our commercial grade clad metal sheets. We clad 24-gauge galvanized aluminum with our premium PVC and TPO roofing membranes, in a variety of colors and sizes, sold in bundles of 10. Standard colors are in stock today.


  • Weldable
  • 3/8” edge at 30 degrees
  • 10’ length
  • Standard colors and sizes in stock
  • Orders fulfilled within 48 hours
  • Custom sizes and colors available
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Made in USA

Arvinyl’s Drip Edge available color options*

*Custom colors gray, dark bronze and state gray available upon request

Standard Sizes and Quantities
Face Roof Bundle Quantity
2" 3" 10"
2" 3" 10"
2" 4" 10"
Materials and Colors
Steel Thickness Galvanized Laminate Coating Thickness Standard Colors
24 Gauge G90 25 mil TPO white
PVC white
TPO tan*
TPO color samples

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    Arvinyl PVC and TPO Clad Metal Sheets and Drip Edge Products are:

    • Laminated end-to-end
    • Weldable PVC to PVC, TPO to TPO membranes
    • Made from steel that meets G90 & ASTM A653 specs
      and high quality PVC and TPO roofing membranes
    • Available in multiple colors
    • In-stock for same-day service on standard colors
    • Warehoused in California, available nationwide
    • Competitively priced
    • Available in volume discount

    For more details on our PVC and TPO roofing products, review our roofing flyers:

    The Arvinyl Advantage

    Premium quality and extensive manufacturing experience are some of the advantages of working with Arvinyl.

    • Clad metal sheets laminated end-to-end

    • Sheets are weldable to national single-ply roof membranes

    • Steel meets G90 designation & ASTM A653 specifications

    • Eco-friendly low VOC lamination process

    • Same day service on white and tan TPO sheets

    For more information on the advantages to working with us, contact us.

    PVC and TPO Clad Metal Data Specifications:

    Typical Properties
    Metal Type Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum
    Length 120 in. ± 0.250 (special length by request)
    Width 48 in. ± 0.125
    Weight Galvanized Steel 1.12 lb./ft2.
    Stainless Steel 1.11 lb./ft2.
    Aluminum 0.58 lb./ft2.
    Thickness 16-24 gauge
    Testing Properties
    Specific Gravity - min. 1.20
    ASTM D792
    Tensile - min. 55 ASTM D882
    Elongation % - min. 350 ASTM D882
    100% Modulus (lbs.) - min. 25 ASTM D882
    Ball Test CS245-62
    Impact Test ASTM D6905
    Boiling Water @ 1 hour CS245-62

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