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Arvinyl are used in the production of commercial vehicle dash panels and other interior trim. Durable, attractive, and available in many patterns, colors, and in high-gloss finishes, Arvinyl’s laminated sheets add flexibility to your projects.

Arvinyl’s 60 years of engineering and fabrication experience results in premium commercial vehicle panels for all your needs.

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    AVDEC – Arvinyl’s Sound Dampening Solution

    In addition to Arvinyl’s decorative and functional film options, we offer a commercial vehicle sound damping solution we call Avdec.

    Composed of a layer of visco-elastic film between two layers of metal, Avdec’s construction ensures a superior bond, and it insulates your projects against excessive sound and vibrations. Avdec converts vibration energy into heat energy by shear deformation of the visco-elastic layer. The result of our truck sound proofing material is a significant reduction in sound & vibration levels, making it a perfect choice for truck cab and sleeper panels as well as other industry uses.

    Avdec is a “pre-engineered” improvement over costly and heavy “post-engineered” noise suppressing alternatives. Sound and vibration damping have never been easier.

    Our commercial vehicle sound damping material can be stamped, deep drawn, formed, welded and fabricated with ease to meet your project requirements.

    Some transportation industry uses for Avdec:

    • Automotive side panels and floors
    • Cab and sleeper panels
    • Electronic enclosures
    • Engine compartment sound wall
    • Oil pans, rocker cover and motor housings
    • Railway side panels & floors

    To learn more about Avdec, read our Avdec product sheet in the Documents page.

    Parts Department

    Arvinyl’s Parts Department provides many capabilities on site, including riveting and bending, and 100% parts inspection.

    The Arvinyl Advantage

    Premium quality and extensive experience are some of the advantages of working with Arvinyl.

    ferry boat seating
    • Avdec sound damping material available

    • Riveting, bending, and inspection done on site

    • 100% sheet and parts inspection

    • ISO 9001:2015 certified

    For more information on the advantages of working with us, contact us.

    Design Center

    We offer decorative and functional plastic film and veneer options for all your lamination projects.

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